C4 Questions by Topic

Here are Core 4 questions from past Maths A-level papers separated by topic.


C4 Algebra & Functions
C4 Binomial Expansion
C4 Calculus
C4 Exponentials
C4 Trigonometry
C4 Vectors

For Edexcel, Set 1

C4 Algebra – Partial fractions
C4 Coordinate geometry – Parametric curves
C4 Differential equations – first order
C4 Differentiation – Implicit differentiation
C4 Differentiation – Parametric differentiation
C4 Differentiation – Products and quotients
C4 Differentiation – Rates of change
C4 Differentiation – Stationary points
C4 Differentiation – Tangents and normals
C4 Integration – Areas
C4 Integration – Basic integration
C4 Integration – By parts
C4 Integration – By substitution
C4 Integration – Using partial fractions
C4 Integration – Volumes
C4 Numerical Methods – Trapezium rule
C4 Sequences and series – Binomial series
C4 Sequences and series – Maclaurin series
C4 Sequences and series – general
C4 Trigonomnetry – Trigonometrical formulae and equations
C4 Trigonomnetry – Trigonometrical identities
C4 Vectors – Scalar products
C4 Vectors – Vector lines

For Edexcel, Set 2

Ch.1 Partial Fractions
Ch.2 Coordinate Geometry & Ch.4 Parametric Differentiation
Ch.3 Binomial Expansion
Ch.4 Differentiation
Ch.5 Vectors
Ch.6 Integration
Ch.6 Rates & Differential Eqns.


C4 Algebra
C4 Differential Equations
C4 Differentiation
C4 Integration
C4 Vectors