CIE IGCSE Biology Revision

Papers 1-6

Topic 1:
Characteristics and Classification of Living Organisms

Topic 2:
Organisation of the Organism

Topic 3:
Movement in and out of Cells

Topic 4:
Biological Molecules

Topic 5:

Topic 6:
Plant Nutrition

Topic 7:
Human Nutrition

Topic 8:
Transport in Plants

Topic 9:
Transport in Animals

Topic 10:
Diseases and Immunity

Topic 11:
Gas Exchange in Humans

Topic 12:

Topic 13:
Excretion in Humans

Topic 14:
Coordination and Response

Topic 15:

Topic 16:

Topic 17:

Topic 18:
Variation and Selection

Topic 19:
Organisms and their Environment

Topic 20:
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Topic 21:
Human Influences on Ecosystems

Practical Skills