Theme 3 – The Global Economy

This theme is included in A-Level Paper 2 and Paper 3 for Edexcel Economics (B). You can find notes for it below:


a) Growing economies
b) Trade and growth
c) Trading blocs
d) Trade policy and trade negotiations
e) Exchange rate changes
f) na country profile

Economic Factors in Business Expansion

a) Conditions that prompt trade
b) Assessing the potential of different economies

Impact of Globalisation on Global Companies

a) Responding to global demand
b) Demand-side factors in global markets

Impact of Globalisation on Local and National Economies

a) The impact of multinational corporations (MNCs)
b) Ethical issues
c) Controlling MNCs

Global Labour Markets

a) Employment patterns
b) Wage rates
c) Minimum wage legislation

Inequality and Redistribution

a) Poverty and inequality
b) Reducing poverty
c) The impact of inequality on economic agents
d) Redistribution of income and wealth